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Marketing is an administrative process aimed at the implementation of the exchanges for the benefit of the individual and organization so our organization is seeking to discover the needs and desires of the consumer and then try to develop the product or service that satisfy these needs and desires in order to make a profit, so the companies that adopt the marketing concept be better able to succeed and achieve profits , In order to achieve this we offer the following programs for companies and agencies and organizations:
- Marketing and Advertising Program.
   2 -
E-marketing Program.
   3 - Marketing and Strategic Planning program.
   4 - Marketing, advertising and Promotion Program.
   5 - Direct Marketing Program.
   6 - Strategies of Marketing and Promotion Program.
   7 - Advertising and Promotion Program.


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Marketing and Advertising Program (MAP):

The marketing and advertising are important for any activity and any company and it must knows how to market their products and increasing the importance of marketing and advertising, in the important role in the consumer definition of the types of products available, in the markets as well as to clarify the features of each product from it's rival, including develop consumer awareness and increase the ability to make purchasing decisions appropriate to him.


In this program we monitor market changes and build a marketing scheme effective, in addition to the knowledge and mastery of special considerations in the plan the marketing work and important messages that should be up to customers and how to conduct marketing research and promotion of advertising and sales, public relations and strategies for direct marketing, and implementation of successful advertising campaigns using the latest and best methods marketing and advertising force.


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E-marketing Program (EP):

Our company possesses a specialized team in marketing via the Internet with a high efficiency, E-marketing makes to get the goods or services possible without being restricted by time or place. Contributes to E-marketing in the open field in front of everyone for their goods or marketing expertise without distinction between a giant company with big money and the ordinary individual small company has limited resources. It is also characterized by the methods of E-marketing low cost and easy of implementation compared to the mechanisms in the traditional marketing mechanisms. Through the use of software technologies associated with environment E-marketing and operations of publicity in this digital environment can simply evaluate and measure the success of any advertising campaign and identify the strengths and weaknesses which can also be a directive and determine the geographical distribution of the segments of the landing of these campaigns and other goals and that looks difficult to achieve when using traditional means.

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Marketing and Business Strategic Planning Program (MBSPP):

The business strategic planning is a large-scale operation by which the entire project handling, processing or part of it. The strategic planning is to provide the organization and its divisions, departments or even working separately action plan or road map to achieve the organization's goals and objectives identified. The strategic planning determines the internal and external far-reaching effects on the organization. The strategic planning helps to identify new opportunities in target markets, as well as new competitive threats.


In Strategy Planning is determined overall objective of the planning, selection of participants team, and the collection of data on internal and external environment, and an analysis of "SWOT" (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats), the development of the specific objectives of the organization, develop strategies and tactics to work and the design of the reporting process and measured . Comprehensive strategic plan draws many managers in institutions towards the development of sub-plans for comprehensive plan.

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Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Program (MAPP):

The marketing of the most important activities of the companies to meet and secure the material needs of consumers in order to ensure a balance in the market and economic life, marketing  linking between production and consumption as it contributes to the distribution of income and frequency of production activity and exchange through the flow of products and services process of sources of production to the target clients, marketing involves several activities essential to the success and effectiveness of marketing is advertising and promotion.

Advertising and promotion is the most important means of communication one-way in the company, which aims to inform potential customers of products, services, and how to get them. It includes advertising and promoting the dissemination of information about the product, production line, and a commercial brand, or a specific company. The advertising and promotion of the most important form of the four forms of the marketing mix.


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Direct Marketing Program (DMP):

Direct marketing through e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, fax numbers, as well. And it shall be exercised and the application of direct marketing in all business different sizes and types, and is executed advertising campaigns carefully until it is to get a positive return on investment rates of the company by displaying the number of potential customers responders for that ad campaigns, and through analysis and provide markets for targeted customers.

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Marketing Strategies and Promotion program (MSPP):

The program deals with all matters relating to writing and preparing marketing plans and development strategies in accordance with international standards, and understanding of the business opportunities,  and make product-specific marketing research with the development of the strategy, planning and marketing skills development, marketing and management of the entire process.

It is promoted through external communication with the market, and the development of services at the center of potential and existing customers attention. And through the plan aims to rely largely on the overall objectives and strategies of the company.



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Advertising and Promotion Program (APP):

In this program are selected advertising content accurately and professionally with the use of the theories of the direct impact and effects of selective according to various theories and ways and means to get the message, various advertising techniques and new innovations advertising.


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